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Spain in general is not an expensive country to live in. Although there are several differences in its regions, many foreigners can enjoy this country so much because they have access to food and leisure activities at a great price, many times less expensive than in our country.

Why is that? According to OECD data, the income per capita in Spain is USD 10 000, that is lower than the average OECD level (around EUR 20 000). A low average wage, combined with a higher unemployment rate than in the rest of Europe, helps to understand why current price levels are relatively low. So, in this sense, as a foreigner, you will find that Spain is quite accessible. Depending on your specific lifestyle and activities, prices may rise slightly.

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The southern region of the country is the preferred choice for many people. And there are good reasons for this, because you can enjoy an amazing standard of living at a low price. 

The cost of living is still considered low compared to more advanced countries, such as the US. This is also one of the reasons why many people choose to live on the Costa del Sol, in addition to a pleasant climate. However, it also depends on your budget. Living in Marbella greatly increases your daily expenses. Spending a day on the beach or dining costs more than in other areas. It also depends on where you live- in a gated community, in a big city or in a small town. Not to mention luxury villas worth a few million euros – of course, the maintenance and operation of these properties requires a larger budget. But the cost of a standard apartment is comparable as ours and you are by the sea and in the sun... It's worth it.