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To the west of Malaga, the leading tourist destination is The Costa del Sol, Torremolinos, with 6km of beaches and distractions to keep you under sunny skies all year round.

Why move to Torremolinos?

Torremolinos is ideal for anyone looking for a well-established community of locals, beautiful beaches and easy access to the main attractions of the Costa del Sol.

When visiting Torremolinos, you can expect a lot - pristine beaches, wonderful public parks full of magnolia and banana trees, beautiful forests or exquisite parties. There are even reminders of Torremolinos former existence as a fishing village.

Thanks to its carefree and happy atmosphere, Torremolinos attracts visitors young and old. There are locations with expensive accommodation and endless entertainment. But ask anyone who lives here all year round and they could point you towards quieter residential areas like El Calvario with fishing huts and unmissable fish restaurants.

Calle San Miguel is the main shopping area where you can buy everything from fresh fish to the latest fashion. Torremolinos has every type of sport and leisure, including golf, tennis and water sports. Spend time here at any time and soon you will find the best restaurants where you must taste the local specialty pescaíto frito or fried fish.

Torremolinos has a wide range of healthcare options, including several public health clinics and Marítimo Hospital. For more specialist care, the University Hospital of Malaga is just a few minutes' drive away, and there are many private doctors and dentists to choose from.

Cost of living

It may be a holiday mecca, but you'll still find very reasonable living costs in Torremolinos, especially if you avoid obvious tourist traps. And with Malaga right next door, you'll have access to a number of larger shops and markets where you'll find great deals.