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Tarifa, located in the very south of Andalusia, is perhaps the most famous place for enthusiasts from all over the world to come surf. If you're lucky and the pontiente wind blows (meaning that the wind blows from the sea to inland), you have ideal conditions for surfing sports. Plus, you'll get a beautiful view of Morocco, which is about 35 minutes away by ferry.

Padel tenis

Padel tennis

This relatively new sport has become one of the most popular rocket games in Spain and its popularity is spreading throughout Europe. The paddle court is smaller than a tennis court with simpler line marks. It has high surrounding walls made of glass and/or solid construction. It has been described as a squash court in the sun and is the perfect sport for the fantastic climate of Andalusia. Scoring is similar to tennis and can also be played in singles or doubles.


Cycling is a popular sport, and it is not uncommon for groups of cyclists to enjoy a weekend morning together as they cycle through the countryside.  Some members of cycling teams are preparing for upcoming competitions here. La Vueltra, the most popular professional cycling race, is also held in the Costa del Sol hills.

Lyžování 2 hodiny od Malagy


More than 20 Sierra Nevada peaks exceed 3,000 m above sea level.  At altitudes of 3000 m and above, the snow cover is held from November to mid-May. The temperature difference between the highest peaks and the lowlands can reach even 25 °C. The Sierra Nevada ski resort offers ski chalets, hotels and apartments for anyone looking for a ski or snowboard holiday. It is the southernmost ski resort in Europe. The facilities are considered first class and have held a number of national and international ski and snowboard events. A daily ski pass costs about 50 euros and there are many ski equipment rental companies (price about 30eur/day).


Thanks to the combination of east and west winds in the area, along with the beautiful landscape, the Abdalaíis Valley (west of Guadalhorce reservoir) is a popular spot for paragliding.

Projížďka na koni na pláži


Spanish horses are beautiful, world famous and well trained. There is a fantastic range of facilities in Marbella and Nerja. Whether you are a complete beginner, or training professional we can improve your riding in a friendly and safe environment.