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Spanish gastronomy means freshness, a mix unique taste and smell. Like all other country, Spaniards have their traditional dishes. Their true taste can be enjoyed only in Spain.  The most famous food is paella. Just between us – the special ingredient that makes this dish so special is saffron. A very popular restaurant to taste paella on the Costa del Sol is  Restaurante Paella's y Más  in Marbella..



In case you're in the mood for something light, Spanish cuisine offers a solution - Tapas. These are canapés of various kinds and are a suitable alternative with wine. Excellent hams - the "serrano" ham is famous for its unique taste throughout the whole Andalusia. Cheeses with the taste of fresh thyme, rosemary or nuts, fresh olives, avocado, tortillas, sardines... And, of course, extra virgin olive oil, sourced directly from the heart of Andalusia. Tapas can also be enjoyed at chiringuito beach restaurants. When grocery shopping, make sure to pay attention to the labels on hams. The best ones (Huelva, Los Pedroches, Trevélez) guarantee top quality.


Fish and seafood are the most popular dishes on the chiringuitos (beach bars) on the Costa del Sol, but fresh sardines are a five-star dish. Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Estepona are full of old fishing boats now serving as grills, where sardines are grilled with sea salt on olive wood. In addition, grilled fish Dorada, mussels, clams and calamaries cooked in various ways are delicious.  PIL-PIL is also a specialty - steamed shrimps with garlic, chili and white wine, you have to taste everything!!!



Spanish wines, especially "tintos" (red), are internationally recognized, many "cavas" compete with champagne delicacies ( but they are much cheaper), bars and nightclubs offer a wide range of whisky, vodka and gin options. Andalusia is known for its sharp sherry and manzanillas, and Spanish beers are comparable to the best in the world.


Bars and cafes are always full of Spaniards enjoying a "caña" (beer) or a noon glass of wine after work. It's not uncommon to see people taking part in the morning ritual of drinking sherry or brandy to prepare them for the day ahead. It is part of the lifestyle and should be seen in the context of the generally reasonable attitude of Spaniards towards alcohol. A typical sweet drink is Sangria served with fruit and available in any bar or restaurant.

Sweet specialties

A typical dessert is churros, sweet doughnut sticks covered in chocolate and wrapped in sugar.

Výběr v supermarketu s mořskými plody


  • Mercadona is the number one choice, it is probably the cheapest Spanish supermarket and is full of quality Spanish food, mainly fruits and vegetables.

  • Aldi & Lidl,  Carrefour  – These supermarkets don't sell everything, so in general you may have to go to another supermarket depending on what you need, but the quality of the fruits and vegetables is fantastic.

  • El Corte Ingles ... a shopping mall where you can find everything... even quality clothes