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Lifestyle and activities


Rodina na pláži

Spanish absolutely adore children, and the Costa del Sol is one playground of dreams. In fact, there are not only playgrounds at every turn, water parks and amusement parks, but also zoos, sports fields and swimming pools. Your kids will be thrilled!!!

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:53


Sportovní vyžití

Tarifa, located in the very south of Andalusia, is perhaps the most famous place for enthusiasts from all over the world to come surf. If you're lucky and the pontiente wind blows (meaning that the wind blows from the sea to inland), you have ideal conditions for surfing sports. Plus, you'll get a beautiful view of Morocco, which is about 35 minutes away by ferry.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:46


Pláže a plážové kluby

The Costa del Sol stretches over 100km of coastline in Malaga province on the southern Pyrenean Peninsula. Its name "The Coast of the Sun" is no mere coincidence: with more than 300 sunny days of the year and a benevolent climate, it is a paradise on earth with beaches that suit every taste.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:43


Golg na pobřeží

There are not many places in Europe where you can play this sport all year round on various locations within the area. Fortunately, Spain's Costa Del Sol has about 300 days a year of stable sunny weather and a golf field on every other corner - around 120 fields are available throughout the area.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:27



Spanish gastronomy means freshness, a mix unique taste and smell. Like all other country, Spaniards have their traditional dishes. Their true taste can be enjoyed only in Spain. The most famous food is paella. Just between us – the special ingredient that makes this dish so special is saffron. A very popular restaurant to taste paella on the Costa del Sol is Restaurante Paella's y Más in Marbella.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:24


Nakopování na pobřeží Costa del Sol

Shopping on the Costa del Sol means visiting shops in the historic old centres of small white seaside towns, ports with exclusive fashion brands or street markets with charming traditional stalls. Just add sunshine as you walk from store to store, and you'll see why people, who don't usually like shopping, will enjoy it on the Costa del Sol.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:20


Noční život

After a delicious dinner, make sure to experience the nightlife of lively Spaniards in the local bars. You're asking where? Nightlife in Malaga is concentrated in several parts of the city. Malaga's most visited and busiest is the old town, Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de Uncibay.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:15


Restaurace v modrém dekoru

There is a large number of restaurants on the Costa del Sol. Many of them have been successful thanks to their determination to bring back traditional dishes and to share this pleasure with the visitors.  You'll find anything here - fresh catches from the sea, typical fried fish, paella, or stews. Most dishes include a Mediterranean diet that, thanks to the simplicity of ingredients, variety, and flavour can enchant anyone.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 10:13