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Plameňáci v národním parku Doñana

Enter Doñana National Park and explore the vast natural treasures hidden inside - swamps, mobile dunes and unique species. There is almost 110,000 hectare of protected area in the Doñana National Park making it the largest wetland in Western Europe. The swamps of the park are fully dependent on rainfall and they provide shelter to hundreds of waterfowl species. Pack your camera as you will see flamingos, storks, gray herons, shiny herons, night herons and many more species unique for the area.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 12:02



Mediterranean climate, wonderful architecture and captivating culture are the main attractions for people buying a property on the Costa del Sol. We explored nearby areas within a maximum of 1-2 hours by car for you. Check our list of top places to visit while exploring the region.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 11:53


Nakopování na pobřeží Costa del Sol

Shopping on the Costa del Sol means visiting shops in the historic old centres of small white seaside towns, ports with exclusive fashion brands or street markets with charming traditional stalls. Just add sunshine as you walk from store to store, and you'll see why people, who don't usually like shopping, will enjoy it on the Costa del Sol.

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Published 22. 8. 2022 11:44